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Emergency Rooms…

So you may wonder how I spend my Saturday night…well, I spent it at the Dublin Methodist Hospital with my two children. Our community was having a block party and my son decided to jump on a neighbors trampoline. Can you believe it, the metal post holding up the netting decided to jump out and hit my son in the head. Needless to say, he got a one centimeter cut on the back of his head. I was alerted through some screams of small children so I went running to see what had happened.

Gabriel had blood running down his neck and underneath his shirt…I took him over to the closest neighbors house to clean him up and decided to take a trip to the ER since the Children’s Close to Home was closed already. The 10 minute trip got us there safely and we arrived around 9:00pm. He was checked out right away then we were told to sit. After about 15 minutes he was seen by the nurse who took his vitals and double-checked his head. Then we were told to return to the waiting room for a room to open up so we could be seen by the doctor.

Let’s fast forward three and a half hours…we are now called back to see the doctor. Gabriel has already fallen asleep in the waiting roGabe's Headom and his sister, Genevieve isn’t too far behind. It’s now about 12:30 am and we are tired and I am irritated. I understand that some need to be seen sooner than others but I don’t like to be surrounded by sick people when my son just needs a staple. We did have the privilege of seeing a young man come in with a fishing lure stuck in his upper arm. I told him to post that all over Facebook…he’d be famous.

So now we are with the doctor and Gabriel is in pain. She is trying to clean his hair so she can get a better look and he’s crying. He was so brave and really did a great job, even when they put the staple in his head. My daughter told him that it was a superhero staple gun…that seemed to help him! So in went the staple and out came the screams. My little guy didn’t like that staple going into his head. They attempted to numb it but I don’t think it worked. He cried then asked for his sister to take a picture of the staple so he could see it. We eventually left the room and arrived home about 15 minutes later. Needless to say, our 2:00am arrival at home forced all of us to sleep in the next morning.

I am glad that it wasn’t worse and that it only required one staple. It will be removed on Monday, the day before his first day of school.

What to Do When You Don’t Hear Back After a Job Interview

Does this work in education?!? Thank you Time.com.


You sail out of the interview, practically high on the unshakeable feeling that you absolutely nailed it. The interviewer was openly impressed with your experience, you didn’t stumble over your answer to the sometimes perplexing “why should we hire you for this position?” question, and you’re wearing a new get-the-job outfit to boot. You ship off your thank-you note with a smile on your face, and pounce on your phone every time it vibrates, hoping for an offer.

But a few days pass without hearing anything from the interviewer, then a week, then two, before you get the sneaking suspicion you were just ghosted by a promising company. “I definitely see why there’s frustration in this situation from the jobseeker’s perspective,” says Vicki Salemi, career expert for Monster. Salemi is a former corporate recruiter, so she’s got some insider intel about what could be going on…

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#Leadership15 – Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is a gathering of the minds in Dublin City Schools. We volunteer our time to come and learn from each other. I have had the opportunity to present about Twitter the last two years due to my involvement with #DubChat, our district Twitter chat. I had great attendance in both session and was proud to introduce such a great tool to my fellow educators. I hope they see the power in Twitter and truly embrace becoming a Connected Educator.

I took notes on the sessions I attended and our “keynotes” during Leadership Academy this year. I took this idea from my friend Shauna Pollock. Thank you for allowing me to “steal” your ideas. It helps others learn even though they are not in attendance. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jmjqt6S7RNjMD-bSBy6g9DpeB3cn4oTtiPGlKgv7MPY/edit?usp=sharing.

I attended a session led by the two Scotts…Scott Sibberson and Scott Sweet. They are both Technology Support Teachers (TST’s) in Dublin City Schools. They are here to support the teachers in using technology in their classrooms. Today they led a session on Google Classroom. I like how we were able to work inside the tool and see how we could use it with our classes. I can’t wait to use it this school year!

Dustin Miller, Principal at Dublin Jerome HS, spoke about communication with parents and other staff members. Some highlights…

Strategies for Parental Communication:

  • time: do not reply right away: 24 hours is polite
  • if possible: make a phone call – don’t avoid it. If you don’t feel comfortable calling, have someone help you with it.
  • be brief: keep it short. don’t send too many life rafts. sweet and short…to the point.
  • try to be as confidential as you can be…don’t tell everyone the story and keep it quiet

The second day began with a short talk by our superintendent, Dr. Todd Hoadley. He spoke about the number of new enrollees and presented us with the list of all the different countries our students were born in who had enrolled. The list was probably 30 countries deep…our students are so diverse…It’s amazing. I feel honored to be able to work in a district who values English Language Learners and values our diversity. I also got a shout-out from his as well…bonus.

Another great session I attended was one on wordless book done by Franki Sibberson and Gretchen Taylor. Wordless books open doors for all learners…powerful tool. One book they had us explore was Sidewalk Flowers by JonArno Lawson and Sydney Smith. It was an awesome book with many teachable concepts.

Wordless Books:

  • Teacher modeling
  • Reading with intention
    • details that make us wonder
    • details that repeat
    • consider message as we read
  • experience/practice

I hope you have learned from my time at the Dublin Leadership Academy…See you next year!


I don’t know about you but I have dreams…dreams for myself, dreams for my children and dreams for students. Today I’m going to focus on the dream I have for myself.

As a child I never imagined myself to be as confident and outspoken as I am today. I was a shy, quiet kid who lived in the shadow of my twin sister Monica. While in school I was studious and wanted to do my best. The desire to do well continued into college and into my career.

One goal of mine was to obtain a master’s degree before I had children…I completed my first master’s degree when my first child was a couple of months old. I thought that’d be the last of my continuing education but I was mistaken. When I began my tenth year of teaching, I decided to go back to school. Dublin City Schools had a new partnership with Miami University and I could obtain my second master’s degree in Educational Leadership. It was a year long program and let me just tell you…it was tough. There were many nights I’d fall asleep on my laptop writing a paper and force myself to complete it.

One dream of mine is to become a leader of a building…A principal. This is not a dream I had fifteen years ago or even six years ago. It is such a strong dream of mine that I work towards it daily. It’s how I communicate with others..it’s how I interact with others…it’s how I build my professional learning network too.

It is a dream that I will not give up on despite the number of defeats I have had…I have had eleven interviews over the last three years and eleven rejections. I hate to say that I’m getting used to it but I know one day I will get a YES and will not look back.

My dream is to lead…lead in a big way…lead with my heart…lead with my knowledge and lead to empower.


Some one mentioned me in their blog post…honored!

All for ESL

imageWith the way things are in our world lately, this could be a much larger topic: acceptance. I’ll steer away from “love one another” and just focus on acceptance within schools. I am sure that many teachers are accepting and not one teacher would jump to the conclusion that any colleague isn’t.  Sometimes it’s the things we may not think of that could elude true acceptance. For instance, from Melissa Eddington’s blog, a breakout session at the Ohio Innovative Learning Environments Conference focused on acceptance and non-traditional families. I was thrilled to see that a speaker, Shawn Mickens, touched on adjusting assignment timelines; One size doesn’t fit all, even in the classroom! Teachers should be advocates in learning and knowing more themselves. And, hallelujah, even delving into books for diversity!  We have gotten caught up in teaching to the norm. Some schools are anti-holiday because Eid Al-Fitr, Hanukkah, or Christmas references may offend…

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Friday, August 7 I took a trip to Massillon, Ohio to attend a conference I hadn’t been to before…I wanted to venture out of the 270 corridor to expand my PLN and to meet some new people. This conference didn’t disappoint. There were a lot of different sessions to choose from…maybe too many. I wanted to go to so many but didn’t have the time.

#SPARCC15 or Stark/Portage Area Computer Consortium Conference was held at RG Drage Career Center. Our day began with a gathering in the auditorium for a discussion on the Four C’s by Eric Curtis and Anthony Luscre.

The Four C’s (21st century skills)

  • Communication – sharing thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions
  • Collaboration – work together to read a goal-putting talent, expertise and smarts to work
  • Critical Thinking – look at problems in a new way, linking learning across subjects and disciplines
  • Creativity – try new approaches to get things done equals innovation and invention

Their challenge for us…The 4C/3A Challenge

  • Appraise your teaching and tools with the 4 C’s
  • Apprise your students of the 4 C’s
  • Apply the 4 C’s in your professional life

https://papermine.com/pub/1287371/  I led a session on Twitter…I loved the conversation and the questions the participants were asking and enjoyed how we used Edmodo to upload documents and to welcome the members of our class. My hope is that I was able to introduce something new to them today and they are able to teach others.

Next I attended a session on Edmodo…this is a tool I have never used before so I felt I could learn a lot and boy was I right. Their presentation was a scavenger hunt for the participants to complete and they presented using Goggle Sides. The scavenger hunt covered a lot of necessary topics if you’re trying to used Edomdo for the first time.


The last session I attended was Educational Duct Tape – Jake Miller. He discussed different problems in his classroom and what tools he used to help solve the problem. He used many google apps for education, google chrome add-ons and extensions. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1GmrT-VCHSBpEOuMEAbQfrQbv8HJL-4BlOYQGb0gywRw/edit?usp=sharing